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Adult Residential Support

Adult Residential Support

We work in partnership with people and families / whanau to support people to have lives that reflect Enabling Good Lives Principles:

· Self-determination: People feel they are in control of their lives and are able to make decisions about their lives.

· Person-centred homes and routines are personalised to suit the person and their individual needs and aspirations.

· Ordinary Life Outcomes: people are supported to live everyday life in everyday places within the home and in the community. Supporting opportunities for vocational activities: learning, employment, and recreational interests within the community.

· Relationship Building: supporting people to build and strengthen relationships with their families/whanau and the community.

Residential Support:

We support people to have a meaningful and valued life living in a home within the community with staff who are well-trained and supportive of individual needs and preferences.

People receive support for up to 24 hours a day with:

  • Shopping

  • Preparing and cooking meals

  • household chores e.g. cleaning, laundry, etc

  • personal care, such as eating and drinking, getting dressed and showering

  • community opportunities such as cafes, events, movies

  • whanau/family/friend relationships and keeping contact

What do people say about MCT care and support?

"I enjoy hanging out with flatmates"

"My favourite thing about MCT is talking to staff"

"I like living with my best friends"

"I like having a nice house"

"The staff are nice, kind, friendly, and helpful" 

"My favourite thing about MCT is having fun and relaxing"